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How CardPay Can Help Your Business Grow

How CardPay Can Help Your Business Grow

Small and medium sized businesses with high growth opportunities often face challenges managing their cash flow. A survey by the Federation of Small Businesses found that 61% of small businesses in the UK experience late payment of invoices. 

There’s now a simple solution that can help these businesses pay their suppliers without sacrificing their cash on-hand: CardPay by Lenkie.

What is CardPay?

CardPay allows businesses to pay any supplier with their credit cards - even if the suppliers don't usually accept card payments. It works in three simple steps: you pay the supplier through the Lenkie Dashboard, Lenkie charges your credit card, and Lenkie pays your invoice via bank transfer. 

Whether you're a startup or an established business, CardPay can help manage your cash flow and grow your business all without sacrificing your liquidity. Here are five ways CardPay can help businesses with growth opportunities: 

  1. Delay cash outflow: By using CardPay, businesses can delay their cash outflow on a short-term basis, which allows them to better manage their cash on hand. Take care of unexpected expenses now and pay it off in the short term. This means you can have more control over your cash flow and use it to support your business goals. 

  2. Simplify payment processes: With CardPay, your business can pay any supplier with their credit card, regardless of whether they accept card payments or not. This means that businesses can manage all their expenses in one place, through the Lenkie Dashboard, and thereby save time and effort. You can say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple payment methods and accounts.

  3. Credit card perks: Most credit cards offer rewards and perks. If you pay your expenses with credit cards, you can earn cash-back and rewards points that can be used to reinvest back into the business or to pay for future expenses. This means that you can save money and reinvest it in your business to support growth and expansion. 

  4. Improve cash flow: By unlocking working capital through CardPay, you can have more capital available to invest in growth initiatives or other business opportunities. This means you can take advantage of new opportunities and support your business’s growth and expansion. 

Businesses face many challenges when it comes to managing expenses and unlocking working capital, but with CardPay by Lenkie, it is possible. By simplifying payment processes, earning rewards, and managing cash flow, CardPay can help your business achieve its goals and succeed. To learn more about how CardPay can benefit your business contact us today at! 

How CardPay Can Help Your Business Grow