Published on 31st August, 2022

Growth Capital: The best alternative funding option for your business

Growth Capital: The best alternative funding option for your business

As a growing business, you’ve likely considered funding from traditional banks. The process is usually complex, tedious, and lengthy. At Lenkie, we understand that your time is valuable, so we’ve built our product to give you the most streamlined process possible to access capital.

Our Growth Capital is tailored specifically for your needs - we provide you with a cash injection that you can use to spend on expansion, inventory, marketing or smoothing your cash flow.

We’re not limited by business or industry type, so we’re able to fund a wide range of platform-based businesses. We specialise in lending to specific industry verticals such as construction, hospitality, events & experiences, refurbished electronics and restaurants. Our expertise allows us to generate funding offers quickly as we fully understand the nuances of your business from your data. By evaluating your business credit profile (using your platform data i.e. your sales and inventory levels), we’re able to create bespoke funding offers tailored specifically for your business.

Benefits of Growth Capital

Speed - Get £5k to £250k in just 48 hours! We’ve built the Lenkie dashboard to seamlessly integrate with over 30 different data sources including connections to payments software, e-commerce, and accounting software. (E.g. Amazon, Back Market, eBay, Stripe and Xero). We’ve focused on the user experience so it's swift and straightforward for you - it'll take less than 5 minutes to apply!

Simple and affordable fee - The only cost is a flat fee that starts from 5%. We don’t charge interest or have any hidden costs.

Flexibility - Instead of repaying a fixed amount each month, you’ll repay a percentage of your sales. When your revenue goes up your repayments increase and if your revenues slow down, so will your repayments.

Dynamic Capital - Access more funding as your business grows. We’ll provide you with dynamic credit options that increase in line with your business performance.

Long-term relationship - Currently, all of our Growth Capital users have become repeat customers. Our aim is to be your long-term funding partner and in turn, increase your funding whilst lowering your cost of funding over time. This enables you to scale your business without worrying about finding new capital sources.

Growth Capital: The best alternative funding option for your business
Growth Capital: The best alternative funding option for your business

The impact of utilising Growth Capital is evident from our existing customers. After analysing the data, we can see that Lenkie has positively impacted growth and sales for all our customers. Merchants like Saigates have seen a 31% increase in revenues after just one month.

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