Published on 23rd February, 2022

ZOTTO Capital - powered by Lenkie

ZOTTO Capital - powered by Lenkie

Established in 2015, ZOTTO is the next step in the evolution of SME business management and payments through financial solutions. They provide a complete end-to-end solution in a technology platform. ZOTTO enables SMEs to realise their full potential by offering smart solutions such as data analytics, Business Management, Cash Advances & payments. ZOTTO’s mission is to revolutionise how SMEs traditionally operate through their automated services. 

ZOTTO Capital - powered by Lenkie


Lenkie partnered with ZOTTO in Q4 2021 to offer fast and flexible funding to their merchants through the creation of ZOTTO Capital - a fully white-labelled embedded lending solution powered by Lenkie. Specifically, Lenkie provides the capital, carries out KYC checks, underwrites, and manages the disbursement and collection of funds.

The entire user experience is swift and seamless, which enables merchants to access funding within the range of £10k to £250k in just a few clicks. As a result, ZOTTO is able to offer a tailored financing experience that exists natively on its platform. The creation of ZOTTO Capital has been very successful and has resulted in improved merchant acquisition and engagement for ZOTTO.

" Lenkie has been an asset to our lending panel; their white-labelled approach enables us to obtain additional capital while leveraging our established brand."

- Faridoon Qazi, CEO

Lenkie's approach to embedded lending has significant benefits for ZOTTO as the partnership allows for pre-qualified lending offers to be sent directly to merchants. This results in greater payment volumes for ZOTTO through their platform as well as higher merchant retention rates. Lenkie’s underwriting is underpinned by an AI-powered model which aggregates data from a wide range of sources and allows for a more complete representation of a business’ performance. The partnership has accelerated the growth trajectory of SMEs transacting on the ZOTTO platform.

Funding in action

In recent months ZOTTO Capital has funded several businesses across the hospitality sector and the growth capital has made an immediate impact. For example, a wholesaler used funds to order more inventory whereas a restaurant purchased state of the art commercial kitchen appliances to install in a new venue. The funding has enabled the borrowers to increase their month over month growth rates to 30%, which has increased ZOTTO's growth trajectory.

Future plans

ZOTTO and Lenkie plan to scale their long-term partnership by offering funding globally.  In Q3/4 2022, the plan is to target European territories, particularly in Scandinavia. The goal of the partnership is to increase financial inclusion for merchants on ZOTTO and enable these merchants to realise their ambitions.