Help businesses grow sales on your platform
Lenkie provides an end-to-end digital lending product that enables platforms to offer
finance solutions as part of an existing customer experience.
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All you need to power embedded lending
One integration with Lenkie gives you access to services that enable you offer Growth capital and Instant payout to your customers.
3 ways to offer lending on your platform

Quick Start

With zero integration effort you can start offering businesses capital using our existing lending workflow. Upgrade to the white-labeled or fully embedded package whenever you want.


Fully embedded digital financing as part of your existing product customised with your brand colour and business flow.

Build your own experience

Offer financing directly within your product tailored to your users powered by Lenkie’s technology and capital through our easy-to-use APIs.

Our embedded lending product has a number of use cases across different types of platforms


E-commerce platforms can offer their sellers instant access to capital to fund inventory or marketing.

Vertical SaaS

Industry-specific software providers can provide their embedded funding offering to their business customers as a native extension to their software platform.

Payment providers

Lenkie enables acquirers, payment service providers and point-of-sale terminals to provide growth capital to their merchants based on their payments data.


Lenkie provides an easy integration that enables fintechs to offer an embedded lending product in a matter of days.

Benefits for platforms

Grow platform volumes

Enabling the growth of your users results in overall faster platform growth.

User acquisition and retention

Becoming a source of funding creates platform loyalty and reduces user churn.

Additional revenue stream

Earn a revenue share on all lending with zero financial downside or capital required.


Working with Lenkie has enabled Flavour Factory to offer fast funding to our restaurants to fuel their growth. An embedded lending solution that would have taken years to build was live in a matter of days.

Rahul Ithape

Founder, Flavor Factory

Rahul Ithape | Founder, Flavor Factory