Get paid
instantly on
future receivables
Instant payouts let you optimise your cash flow by being paid out
instantly as you make sales.
How it works

View future receivables.

Log-in to the Lenkie dashboard to view all pending payments.


Chose which receivables to be paid instantly

See eligible funding and exactly how much you will receive.


Get instant cash flow

Funds will be credited to your account the next day.


Automated repayments

As the future receivables are paid they will be automatically deducted from your outstanding balance.

Benefits for businesses

Instant cash flow

Access additional working capital when you need it.

Seamless user experience

Get extra capital in a few clicks through a fully automated process.

Grow faster

Free up additional capital to re-invest in your business growth.

Everything you need to know about growth capital. Still have more questions? Please contact

Who is the lender?

The underlying legal tender is Lenkie Technologies and all legal agreements and repayments will be made directly with Lenkie.

What is the advantage of this over traditional invoice factoring?

Lenkie uses your existing sales data to get an instant picture of your business health. This means we can provide larger funding amounts at a more competitive price. Being embedded creates a fast and easy user experience, with the whole process taking minutes.

What if the future receivables are not received or are cancelled?

If the future receivables assigned to us are cancelled we simply deduct the payment from the next receivable meaning you don’t have to worry about individual invoices and can simply replace any cancellations with future receivables.

What if my platform doesn’t currently offer Instant payout?

Get in touch with our sales team at and we can discuss other options.