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Lenkie provides all the infrastructure required to enable digital platforms
to become a source of funding for their business users.
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One integration to power embedded lending
Lenkie powers the entire lending experience all the way from underwriting to collecting repayments.


We provide all the capital for lending from our own balance sheet and absorb any losses.


Our KYC and Fraud engine provides full compliance oversight.


We provide all relevant regulatory Licences and legal agreements.


We aggregate relevant borrower data from banking, payments and e-commerce platforms.


Our credit scoring algorithm underwrites credit to businesses, in real-time.


We automate the disbursement and collection of repayments to create a seamless borrowing experience.

Flexible growth capital

Businesses can get from £5k to £200k in funding and automatically make repayments as a fixed percentage of future sales.

  • Pre-qualified offers
  • Flexible repayments
  • No hidden charges
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Instant payout on invoices

Offer embedded invoice factoring to ensure businesses can get paid instantly on future invoices with just a click of a button.

  • Get paid instantly
  • Automated repayments
  • Optimise cash flow
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Embedded lending unlocks tremendous platform value
Lenkie provides all of the capital, compliance and technology required to unlock capital for businesses as they grow their platform revenue - creating a reinforcing cycle of growth.

Grow platform volumes

Enabling the growth of your users results in overall faster platform growth.

User acquisition and retention

Becoming a source of funding creates platform loyalty and reduces user churn.

Additional revenue stream

Earn a revenue share on all lending with zero financial downside or capital required.

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