Published on 5th October, 2022

Bowofola Foods: a growing Afro-Caribbean store in East London

Bowofola Foods: a growing Afro-Caribbean store in East London


Bowofola Foods, owned by Michael Bamidele, has been trading in East London since August 2021 and has quickly become the #1 choice for Afro-Caribbean food and drink for retailers and wholesalers in the city. 

The company prides itself on its superior customer service and has an excellent reputation with locals for its extensive selection and staff friendliness. What sets Bowofola Foods apart is the quality and variety of authentic ingredients which can't be found anywhere else in London! 

Michael’s aim is to keep selling top-quality Afro-Caribbean food and drinks at an affordable price. He's already planning to expand the business with additional branches across the UK. He wants more people to experience the exquisite flavours of African and Caribbean cuisines.

“Excellent customer service and staff were really helpful. Actually had all the items I needed and definitely will be returning back!” - Folake (Google Review)


In Q3 2021 Michael decided to expand his business from a high street store into a larger site in Barking. Once the project was completed, he needed to stock up on essential goods for the grand opening. He required capital in a short timeframe in order to pay his suppliers and source his inventory.


To help increase Michael's purchasing power, Lenkie worked with Bowofola Foods in Q1 2022 to provide a Growth Capital advance. It was used to pay for Bowofola's very 1st supplier invoice. Plus, part of the Growth Capital was utilised to revamp the Bowofola website. Now, customers have the option to Click & Collect their online orders.

Overall, Michael had a smooth experience from start to finish - after connecting his data he was able to receive funds in just a matter of days!

“The entire Lenkie experience has been amazing for my business. The application process was easy and the communication around my funding was clear and quick!” - Michael Bamidele, Owner

The Results

Bowofola Foods: a growing Afro-Caribbean store in East London

Currently, we’re in the process of offering our new Growth Credit product to Bowofola Foods. Growth Credit enables businesses to free up capital and invest in their growth. It's fast and flexible funding to pay suppliers. Lenkie pays invoices on your behalf, smoothing your cash flow and allowing you to increase sales immediately! Plus, you’ll have the freedom to defer repayments for up to 12 months which unlocks the cash you need to invest in your business.

So if you’re a business owner that’s interested in Growth Credit then get in touch with us and speak directly to one of our team.