Pay any supplier
with your credit
With CardPay, you can pay any supplier with your credit card -
even if they don’t accept card payments. Seamlessly manage
your cash flow today!
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Leverage your credit cards for better cash flow

Use your existing credit cards to pay for any supplier invoices, ranging from buying more inventory to paying for marketing expenses. Manage your cash flow by unlocking credit cards as your short term financing solution.

Say goodbye to painful loan application processes by utilising the full potential of your current credit cards.

Benefits for your business

Foster a positive cash flow to ensure that your business thrives. Lenkie’s CardPay is a great way to help
reduce the time between cash payables and receivables, without having to take out loans with high
interest rates.

Unlock working capital

Delay cash outflow to enable you to reinvest into your business.

Frictionless process

Pay all bills via your existing credit cards with just a few clicks.

Maximise credit card perks

Accumulate points, earn cash-back, and get rewarded on your spending.

How it works

Pay supplier through Lenkie Dashboard


Your credit card is charged


Lenkie pays your bill via bank transfer

What type of invoices can I pay
with my credit card
  • Any invoice-based purchase of goods or services
  • Broadband and phone bills
  • Gas and electricity bills
  • Legal fees
  • Subscription based services
  • Office rent
  • Office supply and services

Loved by

Lenkie provided us with growth capital in days. The whole process was fast, seamless and the flexibility of repayments was a huge benefit.

Hector Hughes

Co-founder, Unplugged

Hector Hughes | Co-founder, Unplugged

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