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SBL Couriers: Cash flow management in the logistics space

SBL Couriers: Cash flow management in the logistics space

Company Overview

SBL Couriers, a pioneering logistics company founded in 2012, is committed to operational excellence. Guided by a vision of seamless logistics solutions, SBL Couriers has become a market leader through its strategies and customer-centric approach. By prioritising timely delivery and superior customer experiences, they strive to provide seamless and efficient solutions to their clients.

The Challenge: Cash Flow Management 

In recent times, SBL Couriers has faced financial challenges exacerbated by the rising cost of fuel. Their energy bills have skyrocketed by 100%, straining their available capital and preventing them from taking on more contracts, thereby limiting their revenue potential. SBL’s clients often pay monthly, but SBL Couriers pays its delivery contractors weekly, resulting in further cash flow hurdles. This posed a significant challenge for SBL Couriers, prompting them to seek new financing solutions to pay their suppliers on time as well as to expand their fleet.

Our Solution: Lenkie's Credit Facility 

When SBL Couriers approached traditional banks to fuel their business expansion, they encountered numerous obstacles and struggled to secure the much-needed funding. However, through a simple 2 minute application process and a decision within 24 hours, SBL Couriers was able to quickly secure funding through Lenkie. By leveraging Lenkie's credit facility, SBL Couriers is now able to spread repayments over 3, 6, or 9 months. The flexibility of Lenkie’s commitment-free facility has allowed them to better manage their cash flow so they can continue to grow their business. 

Transformative Results: Thriving with Lenkie's Credit Facility

Following the injection of funds through Lenkie's credit facility, SBL Couriers has witnessed a significant increase in their annual cash flow. This empowered them to overcome revenue interruptions and cover essential expenses like insurance, significantly bolstering their business operations. 

SBL Couriers: Cash flow management in the logistics space

Haris Attique, the finance manager at SBL Couriers, hails Lenkie as their "secret to growth," crediting Lenkie’s credit facility as the catalyst enabling them to manage more contracts and achieve a steady, positive cash flow. 

Lenkie's credit facility helped SBL Couriers emerge from the energy and fuel crises unscathed. Lenkie offers tailored solutions to empower businesses like SBL Couriers to grow, freeing up the cash on hand to expand their delivery fleet. 

SBL Couriers: Cash flow management in the logistics space

Funding Long-Term Growth: Introducing CardPay

SBL Couriers are eagerly embracing Lenkie's newest product, CardPay. With CardPay, businesses can conveniently pay any supplier with their credit card, even if the supplier doesn't accept card payments. This solution gives SBL Couriers another tool to seamlessly manage their cash flow while maintaining uninterrupted operations.

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