Published on 21st February, 2022

Hayatt: Lebanese Restaurant and Shisha Lounge

Hayatt: Lebanese Restaurant and Shisha Lounge

About Hayatt

Established in 2019, Hayatt is a Lebanese restaurant and shisha lounge located in Camberwell, London. The restaurant prides itself on making authentic homemade dishes and has a lively and family-friendly atmosphere.

Hayatt focuses on fusing spicy Arabic flavours with the colours and textures of Mediterranean cuisine. They have established a reputation for the quality of their food, achieved by using only fresh vegetables, succulent meats, and flavourful spices. All the ingredients are sourced locally which is essential in making Hayatt one of the best Lebanese dining experiences in London. Plus, the Head Chef has over 15 years of experience working in busy kitchens and the staff pride themselves on providing customers with exceptional service so that every visit is a memorable one. 

Hayatt has been described as "a melting pot of Lebanese and Mediterranean inspired cuisine. Where a combination of herbs and spices combine textures to appease all palates."

There’s also the Shisha Lounge and Bar which has a wide selection of shisha flavours along with a fantastic wine list. Hayatt remains authentic to its Lebanese roots by also serving Arak, a traditional Lebanese beverage made from grapes and aniseed. The Lounge and Bar are the perfect places to relax and unwind by listening to music or watching live sports in a comfortable setting embellished with Arabic decor.

The challenge

Hayatt’s branch in Camberwell has been attracting many satisfied customers and has built a loyal fanbase. This led to the idea of opening a second brand new restaurant in Greenwich. However, in order to get the place up and running quickly, significant additional capital was needed to complete a refurbishment of the second site to meet the high standards customers are used to.

The solution

Lenkie was able to provide Hayatt with a bespoke funding offer in a matter of days. The funding was in the form of growth capital, which Hayatt would be able to repay as a percentage of their sales over time. This gave them the transparency and flexibility needed as they were launching their new business. The capital enabled Hayatt to purchase high-quality interior fittings to maintain its prestigious reputation as one of London's finest Lebanese restaurants and shisha lounges

The result

Hayatt is planning to supercharge its business growth and increase its payments revenue. Lenkie will use the increased revenue from both sites to provide a larger cash advance and even more competitive rates to continue to fund future growth. This long-term partnership means that Hayatt is able to utilise its existing sales to help establish additional branches in cities across the country.